Subscriptions aren’t just for Netflix, you know.

More and more restaurants and c-stores are following the lead of media, entertainment, fitness, and fashion brands by offering subscriptions to their guests. Why? Greater loyalty and higher revenues while differentiating themselves from their competitors.


of Americans say they will increase the number of subscriptions they use over the next two years.1

Subscriptions Panera Visits
What do Panera, Olive Garden, and RaceTrac have in common?

If you answered “deeply loyal customers thanks to successful subscription programs,” go to the head of the class. While each has created a program that fits the brand and its unique offerings, the end results are the same: more repeat visits, higher overall spend, and that most immeasurable quality – goodwill.

  • Panera’s monthly MyPanera+ Coffee program drove a 200% increase in repeat visits.2
  • RaceTrac’s monthly fuel subscription leads to more in-store sales.
  • Olive Garden’s never-ending pasta program results in additional purchases.
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Subscriptions Add-ons
It’s all about the add-ons.

While you’re asking for upfront payment, make no mistake – most subscription-based programs rely on loss leaders to generate additional visits and add-on purchases. Think about it: If you’re giving away real value, customers generally feel they have money to spend.

  • Panera drove a massive 70% increase in add-on purchases through its free coffee program.2
  • The Republic Group uses insider promotions to drive up-selling with its “one entrée per day” program.
  • Katz’s Deli ships monthly boxes to surprise and delight loyal customers far and wide.
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Subscriptions Refer A Friend
Upfront revenue provides an unfair advantage in a competitive market.

There’s nothing like experiencing a surge in revenue from loyal customers to help you get through these hard times. And it helps to know that you can tailor your program to represent your brand well and be meaningful for your guests.

  • Member perks bind loyal customers to your offerings.
  • Referral bonuses motivate additional subscriptions courtesy of brand evangelists.
  • Limited memberships create a sense of exclusivity and urgency among prospects.
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Subscriptions EAT Cycle
Data drives the virtuous circle.

Paytronix’s longstanding leadership in the loyalty space has us uniquely positioned to help you make the most of your subscription program. From messaging to measurement, our data-driven approach gives you insight and analytics to inspire confidence in your program.

  • Target likely customers and encourage signups with omnichannel messaging.
  • Enable subscription redemption at the POS and via digital ordering.
  • Track impact and ROI in real time from your management dashboard.
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