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Put your brand in the palm of their hand.

We all know that the key to success is delivering exceptional experiences. And nothing is more convenient, more powerful, or more meaningful to your business than meeting your customers where they live. In today’s world, offering contactless experiences and personalized, omnichannel engagement starts on the mobile device. 

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840 Percent Stat
Since February 2020, weekly sales from online ordering have increased by 840%.
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Yes, there’s an app for that.

Whether you customize a branded app or build a custom app that includes special functionality, giving guests the ability to place orders, make payments, manage their account, and access your loyalty program pays dividends. Especially among millennials, as 59% of their restaurant orders are takeout or delivery.

The branded app for iOS or Android features:

  • Account management
  • Location mapping
  • Ordering and payment for both pickup and delivery
  • Management of stored value
  • Faster time to market

The custom app features:

  • Customized graphics, pages, and navigation Increased functionality with many third-party integrations
  • Dynamic development with open API for easier updating
  • A single sign-on that incorporates loyalty program data
  • In-app messaging to spur visits and purchases
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300 Percent Faster Stat
Digital ordering & delivery has grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic since 2014.
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Great user experience, greater user engagement.

From acquiring more program participants to providing them with meaningful information to stimulating their activity, apps and responsive mobile websites are essential for building your business. As leaders in developing high-performing loyalty programs, Paytronix understands the impact that a quality experience can have on your top line.

  • Register and reward loyalty customers quickly and easily.
  • Acquire customers through social sharing and refer-a-friend capability.
  • Increase purchase frequency with timely promotions.
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Custom messages for each customer.

Having a customized app or a responsive mobile website puts you in control of your customer data. This direct relationship with your guests makes you a better marketer, accelerating your loyalty program acquisition and facilitating increased sales.

  • Create true one-to-one campaigns for your app users.
  • Deliver targeted messages, offers, and incentives via SMS and push notifications.
  • Entice nearby customers through geofencing.

"With more than 50 percent of our loyalty members using the mobile app, Tavern in the Square has quickly adopted a mobile marketing strategy that lets us segment and reach our members with targeted, highly effective campaigns."


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Contactless experiences create more opportunity.

While current circumstances have accelerated mobile usage, long-term demographic trends were already fueling the need to offer ordering services to guests. Given the preferences of millennials and heightened concerns amid the COVID-19 pandemic, mobile apps and mobile-optimized websites represent the key to sustained growth.

  • Get seamless integration with third-party delivery apps.
  • Bundle financial and loyalty transactions.
  • Enable quick pickups with fast, safe POS payment.

"By tightly integrating our Olo online ordering system with the Paytronix Rewards platform, we are assured that our customers have a seamless experience every time they interact with us."

James Park | CEO, Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh

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