Employee Dining

Win your employees’ hearts the old-fashioned way – through their stomachs.

Implementing a Paytronix employee dining solution is just like running an internal loyalty program that keeps your essential workers happy, motivated and, well, loyal. All with comprehensive reporting and easy program management.

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Employee Dining Benefits
It’s cheaper to feed a current employee than find a new one.

A typical c-store or fast-food restaurant sees employee turnover rates of 120% to 150% each year. This causes incredible disruption to your service while increasing your operational costs. To retain your best employees reward them with flexible dining benefits.

  • Offer employees cash balances, percentage-based incentives or both.
  • Reward individual employees with the push of a button.
  • Generate enthusiasm for internal promotions.
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Employee Dining Enrollment
Easy enrollment, easier fulfillment.

Whether scanning a barcode, linking an SMS message, or using your POS system, enrolling your employees in a Paytronix dining solution is fast and easy. So is managing the program. Assign tiers, benefits, and rewards either individually or through bulk upload with a couple clicks.

  • Enroll employees via SMS, Apple Pay, Google Pay, apps, and your POS.
  • Assign employees to different tiers with different benefits. 
  • Add or remove individuals or groups with ease.
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Employee Dining Tracking
Track, reconcile, relax.

Most employee dining programs rely on manual processes that not only make administration a nightmare, but also create opportunities for waste or even fraud. With Paytronix, you get one easy to read dashboard that shows all activity in real-time so you can run a tight ship.

  • Generate granular weekly transaction reports from your database. 
  • Link employee dining cards to employee numbers and add to your ADP file. 
  • Register and track all activity through your POS system.
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Employee Dining Survey
Motivate usage with timely messages.

Paytronix employee dining solutions run on our industry leading loyalty platform. This means that they come with all the same bells and whistles, including the ability to message and motivate employees just like you would any of your loyal guests.

  • Build enthusiasm for your latest promotions through monthly newsletters. 
  • Create weekly campaigns offering bonus points to spur in-store spending. 
  • Educate and engage employees with custom surveys.
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