Customer Insights

Actionable customer insights lead to impact.

Making your job as a marketer easier and your efforts more effective is our top priority. With Customer Insights, Paytronix runs all of your accumulated customer data through powerful algorithms to help you find new opportunities, optimize your campaigns, and  act on breakthrough insights that produce results.

Customer Insights Hero
Customer Insights Data
Tons of data for the driven

Paytronix uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to make your data actionable, enabling you to quickly and easily deliver the right offer to the right person at the right time. Through true one-to-one marketing, even simple “we miss you” campaigns are exceeding all expectations.

  • Improve experience and increase engagement by customizing offers for each guest.
  • Boost standard campaign returns by 400–500%.
  • Streamline your workflow with computer assistance.
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Guest segmentation on steroids

With the help of machine learning, creating more and more specific customer segments is easier than you’d think – so is sending each unique offers and messages. You can simply set the program and let it run. We even do the analysis and calculate the ROI.

  • Create hundreds of segments with minimal effort.
  • Drive specific actions using relevant communications.
  • Track and measure the impact.
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Customer Insights Data Clusters
Computer-created clusters

Our sophisticated algorithms identify distinct and surprising customer clusters that you might never have imagined. It’s a simple, flexible, and efficient way to find better-yielding groups with specific suggestions on how to market to them.

  • Target clusters of customers who are ready to buy.
  • Deliver offers that are more specific.
  • Improve your marketing strategy and results.
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"Paytronix provided us with deep analytical campaign insights we were not able to do on our own. Being able to view pre- and post-campaign incremental spend was hugely valuable."

Stephanie Krause | Senior Vice President of Marketing for HuHot
Customer Insights Team
A team to rely on

The insights you glean from your data will help propel your customer acquisition, loyalty, and retention plans. But making sure you get the most from them is where our Strategic Marketing team thrives. We’re here to help set goals, create plans, and measure success with confidence.

  • Receive advice on benchmarking, goal setting, and KPI evaluation.
  • Get guidance on program design and campaign development.
  • Enjoy increased activity through audience segmentation and offer optimization.
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Customer Insights Likelihood Chart
Your “likelihood to succeed” skyrockets

Paytronix’s Customer Insights consists of predictive models measuring a guests “likelihood to” take an action and visualizes their scores in one easy-to-understand dashboard. By leveraging artificial intelligence you can then create custom programs to deliver amazing returns.

For example, by sending emails to those “most likely to open,” we’ve seen a huge impact on how Google sorts email, increasing the delivery rate, open rate, and actions taken. And that’s only scratching the surface of what’s possible.

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