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A referral to your brand is the best gift.

Paytronix handles all of the complexity of gift and comp so that you can simply enjoy the increased sales and visits.

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Gift Cards

The Paytronix platform is designed to enable restaurant gift card sales. Facilitate the process with:

  • Sales of gift cards in your stores, online, and via third-party retail channels
  • Tracking of discounted gift card sales
  • Cards that bolster your loyalty program by combining rewards and gift
  • Centralized or decentralized money movement
  • Virtual gift cards

"With Paytronix, it’s easy for me and each restaurant to run reports. With one click, the software lets each franchise see its store’s exact outstanding gift card liability.”

Scott Pierce | Chief Financial Officer for The Melting Pot

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2.2x Money

Gift + Loyalty: 2.2x amount spent on combined gift and loyalty cards and drives 138% more visits.

Gift Cards vs. Comp Cards
Comp Programs

Tracking expenses as discounts offers an alternative to carrying the liability associated with gift cards. Control your brand’s costs regarding:

  • Promotions: Focus on customer acquisition by implementing one-time-use promotions.
  • Bonuses on gift card purchases: Create urgency for a return visit by issuing a bonus card with an expiration date.
  • Employee dining programs: Add comp dollars on a monthly basis and vary the amounts based on employee tier – c-suite, managers, or front-line staff.
  • Guest recovery: After apologizing, give the exact amount for a replacement entrée and invite the guest to visit again.
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“We had to quickly find a new gift card processor. As large as we are, that was going to be a daunting task. We did a lot of diligence, and we kept coming back to Paytronix. We liked what they told us, and everything they preached to us, they’ve upheld.” 

Jeff Hood | Financial Projects Director for Zaxby’s
Switching to Paytronix

A migration to Paytronix is seamless, as there are no disruptions and your customers don’t even realize that a provider switch has taken place. Preserve operational stability and accounting accuracy with:

  • Card numbers for unique account identification
  • Card activation dates for appropriate expiration and escheatment processing
  • Current balances on active cards for consistent liability reporting
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