Order & Delivery

Online ordering system for restaurants and convenience stores.

A flexible, feature-rich platform enables rapid processing of digital orders. In turn, your brand builds customer loyalty by consistently delivering an ideal guest experience.

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Online Ordering with Ease

Off-premises interactions with your customers are often defined by online ordering. The Paytronix online ordering system provides restaurants and c-stores the convenience of:

  • An easy-to-use guest interface
  • A location finder
  • A pizza topping picker
  • Time estimates
  • Multiple offer redemptions per check
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31.76 Percentage

The global on-demand food delivery market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 31.76% for the next two years.

Order Management

Acting fast and catering to customers’ needs are what brands value most. Manage the ordering process with:

  • Menu modification, including ingesting items from the POS and removing those that are temporarily out of stock
  • Order throttling to ease bottlenecks during busy times
  • More than a dozen POS integrations
  • A branded ordering app and responsive microsite pages
  • Sales reporting
  • Promotion setup
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Doordash Delivery
Delivery Options

Whether you operate your own delivery fleet, work with a third-party aggregator, or use a third party for fulfillment only, it’s essential that your positive brand experience carry through the entire delivery process. Take advantage of:

  • Integrations with third-party aggregators like DoorDash and Postmates
  • In-house delivery fleet accommodation
  • Intelligent delivery estimates and workflow controls
  • Automated post-purchase surveys
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Guest Recovery

While you always strive to delight your customers, errors will occur from time to time. Win them back through:

  • Automated guest-recovery responses and coupons
  • Direct-to-manager messages with one-touch response
  • Behavior-informed messaging that encourages future orders
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Delivery Zones Laptop

The ordering process is structured to ensure that every order is accurate and every delivery is prompt. Achieve your goals with:

  • Customized delivery zones and fees
  • Updated delivery estimates during high-volume times
  • Order facilitation in your preferred method
  • Reports on sales and delivery history
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Native Integration

Frequent customers are rewarded by being able to earn and redeem loyalty currency online. Give them access to:

  • A single sign-on for gift, loyalty, and online ordering
  • Loyalty reward balances in real time
  • Points-to-rewards functionality that enables item selection based on the number of points needed for the purchase
  • Offers and rewards that can be redeemed both online and during a visit
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