Contactless Dining

Dine in, in safety.

Contactless dining lets you offer your guests the opportunity to dine in-house and enjoy the ambiance of your restaurant in a way they’ll feel comfortable. Customers place orders, open tabs, and pay online using their mobile devices, minimizing contact with your servers. 

  • Give customers a night out while gracefully adjusting to new social distancing rules.
  • Combine the ease of online ordering with the true dining experience of enjoying your establishment.
  • Streamline operations with seamless connectivity to your POS system and loyalty programs.
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With guests' mobile devices and contactless dining, they can:

Open Tabs – Create a tab and order multiple items over the course of the evening, including drinks, then close it once. This reduces friction for the guests and reduces transaction fees for the restaurant.

View Menus – Experience the latest menu options, mouth-watering images, accurate pricing, and availability of items, all in a mobile-optimized digital environment.

Place Orders – Add items to their check at any time, just like flagging down a server to ask for another helping of fries. As items are selected, they are transferred to the POS and then the KDS for order preparation.

Pay for Orders – Payment options include Apple Pay, eliminating the need for physical credit card handling. Plus, the guest can leave as soon as they close their check without waiting for servers to complete the engagement.

Ready to get started with contactless payments?