Loyalty program integrations

Every guest engagement point counts. With Paytronix system design, uptime, and dedicated integrations team, digital touch points will bolster your customer relationships by providing convenience, rewards, personalized messages, and more.

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Integrations Point of Sale
Point of Sale

Since nearly every guests interacts with your server or cashier at the POS – a real-time, comprehensive integration with the POS will have significant impact on your program. Interactions have to be simple for both the guest and the server. It starts with guest identification and permeates through the entire transaction – reward accrual and redemption, gift card purchases and redemptions, comp dollars and more. Each transaction has to be fast and accurate. With more than 27 POS integrations and counting, Paytronix has pioneered how a successful POS integration behaves to maximize the program’s success.

48 Percentage
Percentage of diners that will frequent the restaurant that offers mobile access to its loyalty program.
Integrations Mobile Platform
Mobile Platform

Delivering convenience to the customer is the ideal starting point when considering your mobile presence. Your developers can start testing our API today. We’re here to help them develop applications and mobile responsive web sites that deliver exceptional guest experiences – giving customers the ability to create and manage their accounts from the mobile portals you develop. The code is written – couple that with your creativity and design and voila – you’ve got a set of world-class guest engagement tools: website, apps, kiosks, surveys, messaging, and more!

52 Percentage
Percentage of guests that will make dining decisions based on if they can use mobile ordering.
Integrations Online Ordering
Online Ordering

Maintain continuity in the digital guest experience by delivering the same gift and loyalty program benefits you afford the guest at the point of sale during to your online ordering environment. Tap in to any of the existing Online Ordering integrations – some with true single sign on that deliver the guest the ultimate convenience. Use the data gathered from both instore and online orders to create a full picture of your guest’s preferences – leverage that insight to deliver customized promotions that compel further spending. This CRM- approach to customer engagement will enable you to predict future behavior, strengthen customer relationships, and ultimately deliver a greater impact to your brand.

Integrations Gift Sales Channels
Gift Sales Channels

Enjoy the benefits of selling your gift cards through third-party channels at the most convenient locations for your customers. Blackhawk, Incomm, and others provide the reach your gift card program needs to reach new revenue heights. With Paytronix, monitoring the cost of sales is easy. Let us handle the liability accounting, discount tracking, and money movement, so you can focus on driving more revenue.

Integrations Developer API
Developer API

The driving force behind all of the integration possibilities you have with Paytronix is the REST API. With a flexible platform, the REST API brings your rewards and gift solutions to the forefront of the digital customer experience.