Experience is everything.

Delivering a great guest experience is the most rewarding thing a restaurant or convenience store can do for their business. Surprise and delight them, make it easy to order and engage and they will come back for more.

Digital Order and Delivery. Put your best food forward.

Acquire new customers and capture valuable zero party data with industry leading customization features, a dozen POS integrations, and AI-driven recommendations.

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One platform to drive sales online and in store.

Loyalty. Own your guests.

Whether online or on-prem, convert your repeat customers and build recurring revenue with a custom loyalty program featuring more ways to enroll and more promotion types to offer.

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One platform to connect with your guests.

CRM. Engage the individual.

Leverage first party data to build highly personalized, omni-channel campaigns based on each customer's individual behavioral traits - test, analyze and optimize offers in real-time.

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One platform to see patterns and learn behaviors.

Advanced AI. Become data driven.

Increase conversions and retention rates with actionable insights that spur action, plus discover new segments and clusters utilizing the industry's largest data set and most advanced AI.

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A complete Customer Experience Platform

Combining online ordering, loyalty, omni-channel messaging, AI insights and payments in one platform, Paytronix delivers relevant, personal experiences, at scale, that help improve your entire digital marketing funnel by creating amazing frictionless experiences.
Paytronix customers enjoy 400-500% lift in campaign effectiveness with 1:1 messaging
Paytronix customers enjoy 47% loyalty program penetration rate
Paytronix customers enjoy 1000% ROI on dynamic, custom "We Miss You" campaigns

More tools to enhance the experience:

Build word of mouth
Great guest experiences create superfans who help expand your base. By combining gift cards with a loyalty program you'll increase visits by up to 138% and sales by 2.2X.
Create a seamless experience
Make interacting with your brand easy and rewarding by developing or customizing your own app where customers can order, access their loyalty program and manage their account.
Keep guests safe
Accommodate the changing behavior of your guests by offering curbside pick-up, contactless ordering, payments and dining all with a streamlined workflow that reduces human error.
Keep the team happy
Experiences aren't just for customers. With Paytronix you'll also improve your employees' day-to-day with a well-defined and easy-to-manage employee dining solution.
Drive repeat business
Creating a subscription program all but guarantees increased loyalty and revenues by gamifying activity. Panera increased repeat visits by 200% and add-on sales by 70% with their program.

Here's what our customers say about us

Our online tickets are way up in quantity as well as order value. Paytronix Order & Delivery enables us to meet our guests' expectations for a contactless shopping experience where they do not have to worry about cleanliness and germs.
Reed Daniels, President and CEO
Red's Savoy Pizza
Given that we are on a growth track at Yesway, we were looking for an experienced loyalty program partner that could keep up with us. After a competitive comprehensive evaluation process, we believe Paytronix is the best choice for Yesway in terms of their platform, their robust reporting and analytics capabilities, and most importantly, their people.
Darrin Samaha, VP and Brand Manager
Paytronix provided us with deep analytical campaign insights we were not able to do on our own. Being able to view pre- and post-campaign incremental spend was hugely valuable.
Stephanie Krause, Senior Vice President of Marketing
Our customers love our loyalty program but transitioning to a more modern platform will allow us to give them even more benefits and opportunities. We plan to offer our Daily's Rewards members special pricing, club rewards and sweepstakes, as well as higher tiered rewards for our most loyal customers. We'll also surprise and delight our members with random rewards and will focus on driving growth toward our more unique items like our proprietary food offerings.
Max Glober, Director of Marketing
Daily's Convenience Stores
We are learning a tremendous amount about our own customers, including things we weren't even aware that we didn't know. QuickChek Rewards is helping with our goal to understand what is meaningful to our customers in their daily lives. With the information we're learning, we can provide members with tailored rewards that make for a better shopping experience.
Eric Rush, Digital Marketing and Advertising Manager

Real results from brands like yours

We bring an enterprise-class suite of products to the restaurant and convenience industries, full of features that today's digital marketer needs to deliver relevant, personal interactions at every touchpoint... and it works! Take a look at some success stories.
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